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Media Requests

Shaun is availiable for interviews. His story has been featured by the BBC, CBS, CNN, SKY, Yahoo!, Dow Jones, Sunday Mirror, The Guardian, and various other media worldwide. If you would like to arrange an interview with Shaun, or request a free review copy of any of his books, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call this UK number O7533248555.

Click here for a like to a large image of Shaun suitable for printing.

News Stories:

Due to the large number of stories since the Locked-Up Abroad broadcast, this list is no longer being updated.

National Geographic Channel worldwide Summer 2013, Banged-Up Abroad "Raving Arizona" Click here for the full episode on YouTube.

National Geographic Channel (USA) April 2013, Locked-Up Abroad "Raving Arizona" Episode 3 of season 9.

Nuts Magazine April 2013. Article: "I survived America's Toughest jail"

Talk Radio Europe April 8, 2013. Interview by Bill Padley about Party Time.

BBC West Midlands March 4, 2013. Interview by Stuart Ellis on whether smoking should be banned in prison.

Sky TV Lads Lit (Loaded TV) January 15, 2013. Interview about Hard Time by Simone Thoroughgood.

BBC Radio 5 Live October 13, 2012. Interview by Stephen Nolan.

Shoreditch Radio October 10, 2012. Interview by Eleanor Conway.  

Yahoo!'s Front Page June 29, 2012. Article "Cockroaches, violence and mouldy meat: Life in a US jail"

BBC Radio Surrey April 27, 2012. Interview by Nick Wallis about Chris Tappin and US remand jails.

Surrey Life Magazine April, 2012. Article: "A world of words"

Sunday Mirror March 4, 2012. Two-page spread: "The Brit who spent years inside America's most notorious jail" 

BBC Radio Cornwall February 18/19, 2012. Interview about Shaun's talks at Truro School.

Runcom & Widnes Weekly News February 9, 2012. Article: "Ex convict from Widnes embarks on tour telling of US jail hell"

MojoLife TV February 7, 2012. Interview: "Shades of Shawshank"

Western Morning News February 6, 2012. Article: "Hard lesson in reality from US jailbird author"

103.7 Kane FM January 15, 2012. Interview about Shaun's experience and next book, Party Time.

Worksop Guardian January, 3, 2012. Article: "My jail horror in US prison" about Shaun's talks at North Nottinghamshire College.

Guildford Magazine January 1, 2012. Article: "Bars and Stripes" about Shaun's jail experience and talks to schools.

BBC Radio Sheffield December 13, 2011. Interview about Shaun's talks at North Nottinghamshire College.

The Record December 1, 2011. Article: "My brother, the Brit in a US jail" by Karen Attwood.

Oldham Chronicle: November 7, 2011. Article about Shaun's talks at Oldham College and Oldham Library.

BBC Radio Surrey September 17, 2011. Interview by Nick Wallis on prison rehabilitation and Shaun's talks to schools.

BBC Three Counties Radio June 11, 2011. Interview by Justin Dealey.

BBC Radio 2 May 18, 2011. Jeremy Vine discussion on how the first days in jail feel.

Crime and Punishment Radio Show (Canada) May 8, 2011. Interview about US release of Hard Time.

BBC Radio Surrey May 8, 2011. Interview by Joe Talbot, including Shaun's mother giving the family perspective.

Hispanic News May 4, 2011. Interview about US release of Hard Time.

CBS Channel 5 May 2, 2011. Interview about US release of Hard Time.

Phoenix New Times April 29, 2011. Article: "Joe Arpaio's Cockroaches, White Supremists and More from Ex-Ecstasy Kingpin Shaun Attwood"

BBC Radio Merseyside April 21, 2011. Interview by Tony Snell about Shaun's talks to young people.

Surrey Times April 20, 2011. Article: "Book will shine light on Maricopa jail hell"

Sky News February 10, 2011. Live interview by Adam Boulton "Do prisoners have the right to vote?"

Mixmag January 2011. Two page spread: "Prisoner Cell Block Rave"

FHM December 2010. Column: "Postcard From Hell" by Shaun Attwood

The Word November 2010. Article: "Prison Broadens The Mind"

BBC One October 31, 2010. TV appearance on Sunday Morning Live, presented by Susanna Reid. "Does prison work?"

BBC Radio Surrey October 27, 2010. Interview about George Michael's incarceration.

News of the World September 26, 2010. Review: Hard Time

BBC Radio Sussex September 20, 2010. Interview by Mark Carter about jail conditions.

The Guardian September 1, 2010. Article: "Life in America's toughest jail" by Erwin James.

Phoenix New Times August 26, 2010. Article: "Arpaio's Gulags, As Experienced by a Limey"

BBC Radio 5 August 24, 2010. Interview by Chris Vallance about blogging for the show Outriders.

BBC News August 22, 2010. "Cockroaches and classrooms - drugs tale with a difference"

Talk Radio Europe August 9, 2010. Interview by Maurice Boland.

Surrey Advertiser August 6, 2010. Article: "My years in Arizona's notorious Maricopa jail"

Press Association August 5, 2010. Article: "Briton challenges controversial US sheriff"

Hackney Hive August 4, 2010. Review: Hard Time

Manchester Evening News August 3, 2010. Article: "Horror of life in America's toughest jail"

Liverpool Echo August 3, 2010. Article: "My American drug and jail hell can aid kids"

Runcom & Widnes Weekly News August 3, 2010. Article: "Author Shaun Attwood speaks out about his US prison hell"

The Week In July 28, 2010. Review: Hard Time

City A.M. July 22, 2010. Review: Hard Time

CBS Channel 5 July 15, 2010. News story: Eye on Blogs

The Shuttle June 16, 2010. Article: "Real-lfe tales inside a US jail"

Dow Jones Financial News June 8, 2010. Article: "The risky road to ruin (and back again)"

The Week In May 18, 2010. Article: "Famous jail blogger talks to students on drug dangers"

BRMB 96.4FM April 1, 2010. Interview by Will Batchelor about club drugs.

Slough & Langley Observer March 28, 2010. Article: "Real-life lesson in dangers of drugs"

Surrey Advertiser March 5, 2010. Article: "Ex-drugs dealer warns pupils of the cost of crime"

Get Reading February 18, 2010. Article: "Madejski students hear real jail tales"

Not Shut Up Magazine February 18, 2010. "The Interview: Shaun Attwood"

News & Mail February 12, 2010. Article: "Don't lead the life that I once did"

The Herald February 12, 2010. Article: "Ex-Stock Market millionaire tells cautionary tale of drugs and jail"

County Times February 3, 2010. Article: "Horsham pupils discover what life is like in USA prisons"

BBC Radio 4 February 2, 2010. Interview "Jon Ronson On... Ambition."

Il Manifesto January 23, 2010. Article: "Blog behind bars" in Italian leading daily newspaper

Blog Talk Radio December 12, 2009. "Freedom Chronicles Interviews Author and Activist Shaun Attwood of Jon's Jail Journal."

The Guardian December 5, 2009. Article: "Experience: I went from stockbroking to one of America's toughest jails"

City Talk 105.9 January 12, 2009. Interview on the Duncan Barkes Show. "Shaun Attwood: 1 Year On."

BBC Radio 5 September 16, 2008. Interview about blogging by Chris Vallance for the show Pods and Blogs.

Sky News September 10, 2008. Live interview by Martin Stanford "Should prisoners be allowed to blog?"

Newsvine August 12, 2008. Article: "Arizona Sheriff Needs a Stay in Own Jail"

Mother Jones July 30, 2008. Article: "Blogging Behind Bars"

Phoenix New Times May 8, 2008. Article: "Emergency preparedness: how to survive in Arpaio's jails"

Liverpool Echo March 17, 2008. Article: "Welcome to hell."

City Talk 105.9 February 29, 2008. Interview on the Duncan Barkes Show. "Jon's Jail Journey."

AM1480 KPHX January 26, 2008. Interview by Todd Landfried for the show Desert Politics. "Maricopa County Jail conditions." 

BBC Radio 5 December 17, 2007. Interview by Chris Vallance for the show Pods and Blogs. 

BBC Radio 4 December 14, 2007. Interview by Eddie Mair: "Living in one of America's most notorious jails"

The Guardian Weekly August 1, 2007. Article: "It was a hotbed of violence"

Sonoran Desert News 2006. Article: "Memories of Arpaio's gulag imbedded for life" 

Cosmopolitan January 2006, UK edition Article: "My brother is in prison hell and I am, too" by Karen Attwood.

Phoenix New Times September 29, 2005. Article: "Best Prison Blog"

Irish Times July 15, 2005. Article: "Bridge blogs give voice to the marginalized"

BBC News May 16, 2005. "No 10 defends 'yob' uniform call"

CBS Channel 5 August 31, 2005. News interview: "Arpaio Interviewed By the BBC" by Greg Mocker.

PA News Winter, 2005. "Yob uniforms won't work says parents of US prison inmate"

Sonoran Desert News 2005. Article: "Mothers Against Arpaio host tea for visiting Liverpool couple. 'Jons Jail Journal' draws international attention to conditions at Sheriff Joe's jail"

BBC News October 26, 2004. "UK blogger takes on 'toughest sheriff in US'"

East Valley Tribune September 26, 2004. Article: "Arpaio's jail makes London headlines"

Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News September 9, 2004. Article: "My American jail horror"

Daily Post September 8, 2004. Article: "Barbaric treatment of Briton held in US jail"

The Guardian September 8, 2004. Article: "Hell on Earth"

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