Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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A self-help book like no other.

As seen worldwide on Banged-Up/Locked-Up Abroad, Shaun Attwood moved from England to Arizona as a penniless graduate and made a fortune in the stock market. But he became greedy and lost sight of what was important. He threw raves and ran a multi-million-dollar Ecstasy ring in competition with the Mafia mass murderer “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, who put a contract on Shaun’s head. In 2002, a SWAT team smashed Shaun’s door down. After surviving 26 months in the insect-infested jail run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio – where gangs and even guards were murdering inmates – Shaun was sentenced to 9½ years.

Lessons from a Drug Lord includes what Shaun learned when he was forced to reappraise his life in the harsh reality Arizona’s penal system, including supermaximum-security prison. The people imparting wisdom to Shaun range from his psychotherapist, Dr. Owen, and his meditation master, Andrew, to Two Tonys, a Mafia mass murderer serving 112 years for killing rival gangsters, and T-Bone, an ex-Marine using formidable fighting skills to stop prison rape.

These lessons – told via anecdotes and Socratic dialogue – will force you to re-examine your life and what is truly important. They include:

• Love the Right Person: a dysfunctional relationship can derail everything you have worked for

• Take Time for Introspection: the foundation for personal development is self-knowledge

• Identify and Overcome Addictions: unacknowledged addictions can creep out of control and devastate your life  

• Value Your Family: make time for the people who love you unconditionally

Shaun calling his family from jail: 

 • Make Slow and Careful Progress: shortcuts are tempting, but not worth the high price

After abandoning years of hard work to sell Ecstasy, Shaun almost loses his life to the Italian Mafia:

Banned from America and based in London, Shaun is the author of his life story, the English Shaun trilogy. He gives motivational talks to schools and colleges across the UK and Europe. When not writing, Shaun enjoys fitness classes such as karate, yoga and BodyCombat.

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